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San Esteban (Segovia)

Alto (en mm): 160
Ancho (en mm): 160
Precio: 61,52€  (IVA incluido)

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Se trata de un templo-fortaleza empezado a construir a finales del siglo XII, en la transición del Románico al Gótico, y terminado en el siglo XIV. Hito del Camino de Santiago, del que ha sido uno de sus centros religiosos más importantes, y vinculado a l
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The first time I traveled toltlay spontaneously, some friends and I landed at the airport in Istanbul at 1 in the morning. The subway wasn't working, we eschewed the badgering from cab drivers, so we ended up napping and chatting on the seats until 5 am. We also finally cracked the communal Lonely Planet, which we hadn't even glanced at before flying out of Scotland.We traveled all down the west coast of Turkey, barely planning a day ahead and happily following people (mostly Australians and New Zealanders, of course!) who invited us to see what they were seeing and eat where they were eating. Not only was it one of the best trips of my life, but I loved just sitting in the airport and watching the people, sinking slowly into this new culture.Nowadays I'm a half-and-halfer. I read a lot of books before I go somewhere, and get excited about all sorts of history and building an awareness of a place. But when I go, I just pick up a city map and start walking. Walk, look, eat. Get lost. There's nothing like getting lost.
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