Entre el claustro y el mundo. Canónigos regulares y monjes premonstratenses en la Edad Media | Románico Digital
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Entre el claustro y el mundo. Canónigos regulares y monjes premonstratenses en la Edad Media

ISBN: 978-84-89483-58-3
Autor: VV.AA
Año de edición: 2009
Nº páginas: 264 + ils
Alto (en mm): 27
Ancho (en mm): 21
Idioma: Castellano
Precio: 33,00€  (IVA incluido)

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Libro dedicado al análisis pormenorizado de la vida conventual, desde el estilo de vida hasta el arte que se genera en los monasterios hispanos. Todo ello extraído del XXII Seminario sobre Historia del Monacato al que asistieron especialistas de diversas instituciones nacionales.
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Thank you, Hannah, for sharing your tseoimtny with us. Your words have touched my heart. I feel like God is speaking directly to my soul through you. Thank you for your boldness and faithfulness to share your story. I am so glad God led me to your site through Pinterest! I rarely look on there but decided to look at the arts and crafts section on Saturday. The first idea I saw was for the Reasons I love You card deck idea you posted. It led me to your website where I spent the rest of the morning reading your posts about Waiting for Grace. It is so amazing how God can take something as small as me looking up craft ideas on Pinterst and turn it into a lesson and encouragement for my heart. My husband and I are also waiting for grace. We long for the day when we too will hold our babies in our arms. Thank you again. I am praying for you and your husband.
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